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What Is Torque Release Technique In Chiropractic And How It Benefits Us?

Feb 25

What Is TRT Exactly?

The Torque Release Technique uses gentle and non-invasive techniques to correct subluxation. A chiropractor has one primary goal: to improve the body’s ability to heal and cope with everyday life.

TRT can also be known as the tone technique. This is because the chiropractor uses manual adjustment to gently adjust the spine to restore nerve system tone. When your spinal tone is too low, you can put stress on the musculoskeletal systems and organ malfunctions. You also have a weaker immunological response. The opposite is true. If the spinal tone is too low the nervous systems cannot transmit electrical impulses effectively to your body. This causes weakening and discomfort.

TRT And The Spine

Torque release technique involves least force possible in spinal adjustment to aid the neurological system's interaction with the rest. This promotes long-term healing, wellness, and self-correction.

TRT is a transcranial magnet stimulation (TMS) that can be used to help with a variety of issues, such as reducing neural system blockages, tension relief, and helping the nervous sistem reintegrate appropriately with the body.

TRT is used to correct neurological tonal imbalances. You can correct subluxations, which are misalignments within the spine, with a special tool that allows you to make precise and accurate motions.


How the Torque Release System Can Help You


1. TRT Is A Gentle Process.

The chiropractor uses the Integrator as a medical device to perform the Torque Release procedure. This tool allows the chiropractor to gently adjust the spine. While the spine is relaxed, the chiropractor applies light pressure to it. This is a substantial difference to traditional manual adjustments, which use manual hand thrusts for opening and activating cavitation responses in spine joints.


2.TRT Is Very Precise.

The Integrator allows chiropractors pinpoint where adjustments are needed for the spine. The Integrator is precise enough to treat patients of any age. I am not opposed to manual tweaking but this level is impossible.


3. TRT Is A Quick And Efficient Process.

If you don't have the resources or time to go to more involved methods, TRT may be an option. With just a few moments of their time, most patients can squeeze this procedure into their busy schedules. The Integrator is quick and easy to use and allows for gentle adjustments.


4. TRT May Be Repeated.

TRT is also repeatable. The Integrator tool allows chiropractors to make consistent adjustments at every consultation. Each adjustment is made with just the right amount and intensity. This method, unlike manual corrections is less susceptible for human mistakes.


5. TRT Is A Long Term Investment That Pays Off.

The mainstay in traditional healthcare treatment is short-term drugs. TRT is a long term solution, as it targets the root cause of any health issues. This increases your nervous system's communication with your body. It also improves your body’s ability to function effectively.


TRT Treats A Wide variety Of Health Issues.

  • Anxiety

  • Forearm pain

  • Balance

  • Depression

  • Problems with the digestive process

  • Dizziness

  • Headaches

  • Low-power consumption

  • Pain at the back the neck

  • You'll also have to consider other issues.


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